Steppadelic is an original reggae band from Las Vegas that effortlessly blends the timeless essence of dub, reggae soundsystem culture, and roots reggae music. Drawing inspiration from the legends of reggae and the rich heritage of Jamaican music, Steppadelic has crafted a sonic experience that transports listeners to a world of positive energy and profound introspection.

They have played at various venues in the Las Vegas area including:

  • Backstage Bar and Billiards
  • The Usual Place
  • LV Government Ampitheatre
  • Virgin Hotel and Casino
  • Taverna Costera

More notably performed at Reggae in the Desert festival in June 2022. Sharing the stage with some of Reggae’s Legends like:

  • Don Carlos
  • Wailing Souls
  • Ky-Mani Marley
  • Marcia Griffiths

With their distinctive sound and infectious rhythms, this dynamic collective captivates their audience and leaves them craving for more.